We tell stories that move people to act.

Whatever work your organization does, you will often find yourself having to persuade others about an idea, a solution, or a point of view. As the author Daniel Pink says, we’re all in sales now.

The right story is a powerful tool, but the wrong story — the one that fails to resonate with your specific audience — is a missed opportunity. So we use carefully designed processes to unearth your core story and make a plan for telling it.

  • Systems thinking helps us understand the forces at play in the ecosystem of organizations in which you work, to ensure that you are very clear about your niche in the world — and what that means for the stories you tell.

  • Strategy brings cohesion to your communications, and results in concrete plans for your online and offline voice in the world.

  • Stories emerge from diving deep into your strategic goals as well as the concerns and priorities of your audience, ensuring that we find alignment between the two.

When we do this work with our clients, clarity emerges, lightbulbs go off, and possibilities arise. Organizations that had been trying to say too much find they can instead cut through the noise with clear messaging and a distinctive voice. The answers we arrive at sometimes seem obvious because, in a sense, they are. They’ve just been obscured by the need to do too many things at once in an increasingly noisy world.

The introduction to our short film about the work to create a just transition in eastern Kentucky, produced for the Chorus Foundation. You can see the whole film here.


We deliver whatever you need

Branding — A clear, concise understanding of who you are in the context of the environment in which you operate, and how your brand will be expressed through a visual identity, personality, and tone of voice.

Messaging — Before storytelling, it’s essential to understand what each part of your audience needs to hear to move them to take action. The work begins with an audience analysis.

Content Strategy — A plan, calendar, and tools for connecting with your audiences, online and off.

Video — Powerful stories that create real connection with audiences.

Other Content — Words and images are the building blocks of storytelling. We’ll help you use them well, whether the deliverable is a website, copy, or slide presentations for your next conference.

Training — Communications skills are essential. We can help you improve your game.

We work with some clients on a project-by-project basis, and with others on a monthly retainer that ensures our ability to work closely over time. Let’s talk about what you need.