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chorus foundation

The Chorus Foundation is not your typical funder. Founded by a tattooed punk rocker with a strong belief in social justice, the foundation has quickly gained attention in the world of philanthropy — which is exactly what they hired us to do, because they want to change the way philanthropy works. 

The foundation had only a temporary logo and a landing page when they asked us to develop a comprehensive communications program. We’ve provided a full range of services: brand strategy, visual identity, communications strategy, graphic design, website development, copywriting, video production, and social media and media support. Read more about our work with Chorus.

The first video we produced for Chorus was an invitation to other funders to work together.


solidaridad nortH AMERICA

Solidaridad is a global NGO that invented fair trade coffee and has continued to innovate on the equitable and sustainable sourcing of more than a dozen commodities. Their work has had a huge impact on small farmers around the world.

When Solidaridad planned to open a North American division, they hired us to develop and oversee their communications strategy. Early on in the two-year project, the organization was struggling to express itself more strongly.

"We were in a conference room in Amsterdam with their communications staff from around the world,”  Chris Landry recalls, "It was a moment for big change and we all knew it. But the team was feeling stuck." Through a series of guided exercises, the group experienced a breakthrough moment — one that led to spontaneous applause and helped lay the groundwork for a fresher, bolder identity.

“There were several great firms we considered hiring,” said Andréanne Grimard, former Managing Director for North America. “But as I sat in that meeting watching this unfold, I thought, ‘Thank God we hired Chris!’” 



We have also worked closely with Solidaridad Central America to complete a number of projects, including a video about sustainable palm oil in Honduras.

“It’s one of the great success stories in sustainable farming,” says Michaelyn Bachuber, Managing Director for Central America. “But we needed to do more. We needed to communicate the real impact of the work so we could raise more investment from our corporate partners.”

We produced a video that told the story of the lives changed through Solidaridad’s work. The result? 

“It was immediate,” says Michaelyn. “Our partners were so moved to see the impact of their investments that, in less than one month, the video resulted in $1.2 million of additional investment. I’d recommend Chris to anyone.”


Human in common

Deborah Cohen and her team were creating a new business offering bystander intervention training and other services for organizations and individuals. We guided Deborah through a branding process that helped her clarify her mission, position in the competitive landscape, and organizational values and personality.

As we went through that process, we realized that her business model was unclear, so we took a step back and used the Business Model Canvas to bring focus to their strategy. With newfound clarity, we produced a website and provided support as she launched what is now a thriving business.

Deborah says, “As I was preparing to launch, I was a mess. I couldn't give a snappy elevator speech. I didn't have a website and I had no idea how to brand my work. Chris asked a lot of questions, listened carefully, and in just a few days created powerful, succinct messaging that communicates not only a description of my services but the values and personality of my business.”



Across the country, environmental organizations are working to address the climate crisis while trying to keep the regulatory wins of the past twenty-five years from being undone. Their success will depend largely on their ability to overcome a growing obstacle to environmental justice: systematic efforts to undermine our democracy.

Oppressive voter ID laws, gerrymandering, and the overwhelming presence of money in politics all serve to undermine the will of voters, the majority of who want clean air and water and strong action on climate. For state and local environmental groups, the effort to confront these strategies is both necessary and expensive.

We’ve been asked to work with the Democracy Initiative and their allies to tell stories that inspire more foundations to invest in the intersection of environmental justice and democracy, so we can have cleaner, fairer elections in 2020.


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